Pressure Washing

Window Cleaning in Hertfordshire and Hatfield


 Why have your driveway, patio, fences and outdoor furniture cleaned?

Over time these surfaces become covered in dirt, algae, moss, weeds lichens and look weathered.
The above looks very unsightly and can become very slippery causing someone to slip over and hurt themselves not to mention drainage problems.

Fences and outdoor wooden furniture can become grey looking and start to rot, by cleaning they can be re-stained or painted saving money on buying a new fence or furniture.




Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire Block paving  

  Block paving, Imprint Paving and Patio Cleaning  

Make sure that the paving around your house and business remains in mint condition by calling on Outdoor Cleaning Services to provide an annual pressure washing service.
We know what it takes to produce a comprehensive driveway and patio cleaning service. We have the equipment to clean dirt, moss, weeds, lichens and oil stains on surfaces such as block paving, imprinted concrete, and paving slabs.
We take care of not just the surface of your block paving but also remove dirt from the joints to prevent the accumulation of algae, moss and weeds. Once these joints are clean and dry, we re-sand them with kiln-dried sand to ensure that the paving blocks are secure and remain in ideal condition.

         Resin Bonded Surfaces        

Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire Resin bonded surfaces

Resin bonded surfaces are a stylish alternative to tarmac, but failure to maintain can mean that the surface becomes damaged. Our pressure washing service removes contamination. We are always careful to never use too much pressure on the surface.


Window Cleaning in Hertfordshire and Hatfield

If you have a tarmac driveway you will know how weeds, algae and sediment can easily develop in the crevices. As a business this could look unprofessional, so why not call on Outdoor Cleaning Services to remove build-up on your tarmac. We are always careful to never use too much pressure on the surface.

 Fencing, Outdoor Furniture, Decking 

Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire Decking

Wooden items will become weathered during their time outside and turn grey or green with algae.
We help you maintain the original look of the fencing, outdoor furniture and decking in your garden. Whether you have an outdoor bench, pagoda, or a long table, you can rely on us to carefully remove specks of dirt and grime, reinjecting a sense of life into your outdoor space with our pressure washing service.







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