Water Fed Pole Cleaning


 Window Cleaning in Hertfordshire and Hatfield

Why have your windows, frames, doors, soffits, fascias and bargeboards cleaned?

By having the above regularly cleaned this removes pollutants and contamination that have attached themselves to the glass and UPVC. If this contamination is left for a prolonged time it can cause staining to the UPVC which can become extremely hard or even impossible to remove. The contamination can also etch into the glass causing permanent damage.
When the glass of your property becomes dirty and dusty less natural light can enter causing the area to become darker. This usually leads to having more lights on during the day wasting electricity.
All cleaning is carried out from ground level Using Water Fed Pole Cleaning this technique means that you are not disturbed and keep your privacy when we are at work.

        Windows, frames and sills        

We use a water-fed pole system to achieve the best possible results when cleaning your windows. By using the latest water fed pole cleaning technology and only using the highest quality pure water (0ppm), we ensure that the entire window is brushed over and marks are removed then rinsed thoroughly to leave a flawless finish. All window frames and sills are also cleaned with the same efficacy by using the water-red pole cleaning system.
So, if you require an excellent standard of window cleaning in Hertfordshire for residential and commercial buildings, get in touch.


Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire doors

Doors get touched more than any other external surface on a property and by many different people this causes the door to become dirty more quickly and contaminated.
If you are a business owner have a shop or office block, you will understand that appearance matters. Your main entrance door may have become dirty over time, and this can look unprofessional. We use our water-fed pole cleaning system and established techniques to clean the door. Keeping your doors in an impeccable state is such an important but commonly overlooked practice.


Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire soffits

The build up of dirt, cobwebs and algae becomes very noticeable on these items and become harder to remove if left.

With our water fed pole cleaning we keep your soffits and fascias perfectly maintained – especially the areas that are difficult to reach and haven’t been cleaned in a while.


Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire conservatories

If you own a conservatory, keeping the glass panels in an optimal state requires attention throughout the year. Their upward-facing nature and direct exposure to the weather means that dirt is easily collected, which can, over time, make the conservatory much less aesthetically pleasing. The water fed pole cleaning we use means that no part of your conservatory’s exterior will be missed.

            Solar Panels              

Window Cleaning In Hertfordshire Solar panels

Our water-fed pole window cleaning in Hertfordshire caters for residential and commercial properties of up to 40 feet in height. So, if your home or business uses solar panels, we are on hand to comprehensively remove all elements of dirt in a safe and easy way. Not cleaning your solar panels annually means that they don’t absorb the same amount of sunlight and in turn fail to produce as much energy for your home.







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